PEC Registration – A Complete Guide 2023

Engineering education & work executions are regulated by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) in Pakistan. When talking about PEC Registration, there are 03 major departments as

  • Engineers Registration Department
  • Contractors / Operators Registration Department
  • Consulting Engineers Registration Department
  • CPD (Continued Professional Developement) Department
PEC Registration
PEC Registration 2022-2023

Engineers Registration Department

Engineers Registration department is responsible for the registration of Engineers who stood qualified as per PEC Bye-Laws. There are hundreds of universities offering engineering courses throughout the country. But, very few universities are accredited by PEC as per accreditation Laws.

So, to get registered with PEC as Engineer you must possess a degree from PEC recognized institution. B-Tech or BS (Hons) is not considered an engineer if he/ she does not have a PEC registration card. There are two categories of Engineers

  • Registered Engineer – RE
  • Professional Engineers – PE

PEC Registration may start from Engineers Registration to Contractors & Operators & to Engineers Consultants.

Role of PEC

Why PEC Registration is required for an Engineer? If an engineer got unable to get PEC registration, he/she will not be considered as Engineer. He will not be able to apply for any Engineering related post in a Public or semi-government organization.

PEC Offices

Pakistan Engineering Council – PEC Headquarter is located in Islamabad. It is a multi-storey building owned by PEC. Policymaking & all related matters are controlled from PEC HQ.

PEC Headoffice Address: Attaturk Avenue (East), G-5/2, Islamabad

PEC Facilitation Center

Engineer Biometric

How to pay PEC Fee

PEC Fee can be paid manually or even online. PEC Printed Fee slip challans are available with MCB & HBL Banks

Is B-Tech is equivalent to PEC Registered Engineer?
No, as per PEC by-laws B-Tech holder cannot be considered an Engineer. Instead, he / she may be called Technologist.

PEC Registration cost


Contractor Registration

PEC License Categories

Contractor License

PEC Contractor Licenses are divided into 8 broad categories from C-6 to C-A. List of PEC license categories is as follows (ascending order as per project limit)

  • PEC C-6 Category
  • PEC C-5 Category
  • PEC C-4 Category
  • PEC C-3 Category
  • PEC C-2 Category
  • PEC C-1 Category
  • PEC C-B Category
  • PEC C-A Category

PEC Foreign Firm Registration

There are 3 categories offered by PEC to foreign companies

  • PEC FC-1 category
  • PEC FC-B category
  • PEC FC-A cateogry

How do you I Register with PEC?

How Can I avail PEC Discounts?

What is PEC Address

What is the procedure for registration of a firm

What is PEC Supervisory Certificate

What is PEC complimentary Registration?

How do I deposit PEC Registration Fee

PEC Fee calculator

Consulting Firm Registration

Abbreviations Used:
PEC       –      Pakistan Engineering Council
CPD      –      Continuous Professional Development
PCP      –     Professional Credit Points
Cat      –   Category

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